About Us


AL-HATEEM GROUPS was founded in 1990 by Sardar Abdul Rauf Sabir Abdullah khan (chairman),

Master degree holder from Madinah University, KSA in 1982 & former interpreter for Pakistan embassy in United Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (1978-1984). AL-HATEEM GROUPS is today recognized as a professional organization providing exclusive customer service comfortable accommodation and excellent road and air traveling facilities. With 25 years of experience the services of Hajj & Umrah, AL-HATEEM GROUPS is one of the most trust worthy names all over the world. All these achievements were not possible without the support of our valuable clients. It is an Honor for us that more than 4000 Hujjaj have been performed Hajj & more than one hundred thousand pilgrims performed Umrah through AL-HATEEM GROUPS.

AL-HATEEM GROUPS has been incorporated in Pakistan in 1990.Al-hateem international travels(Pvt) Ltd. has been registered  with the ministry of tourist Department Services Pakistan since 1999,and registered with Ministry of Hajj Saudi Arabia as an Umrah Tour Operator since 2000, registered as a certified agent of international Air Transport Association(IATA) Singapore Since 2004 ,Registered in Ministry of Religious Affairs Islamabad, Pakistan as a Singapore Since 2004,Registered in Ministry of Religious Affairs Islamabad, Pakistan as a Hajj Group Organizers (HGO) since 2004. AL-HATEEM Group is one of the best Professional travel consultants and Operators in Pakistan that own and operate their own Hotels, transport and tour services in the Holy Cities of Makkah and Madina from 25 years.

Mission Statement

Our management team consists of experienced professionals from all the spheres of hotel industry. We stand distinctive in sustained leadership and firmly rooted at the top of this business.

Weathering the ongoing challenges of time, we are ever expanding our foundations through sound management and commitment to excellence of service with a blend of innovation.

Our vision is to excel beyond geographical boundaries and stand out in the international market through our expertise in this industry. When we say “Experience Our commitment to Excellence”, we sincerely invite everybody to feel the ambience of our assurance for customer satisfaction.


In a quest to further expand its footprint, AL-HATEEM GROUP is actively pursuing opportunities not only in Pakistan but also in the region namely Saudi Arabia.

A number of new projects with completion expected towards the end of 2011 that would make the company one of the top 5 travel & Hotel management companies of the country.

Whilst not diluting its interest in Pakistan, AL-HATEEM GROUP is in the process of strengthening the Group’s Infrastructure in Makkah to manage Religious Tours.

In response to the growing need of investments in Saudi Arabian hoteling field to develop tourism on solid ground basis, the company decided in 2006 to invest in Saudi Arabia and got registered through SAGIA in 2008, got semi-operational in 2009 by taking some hotels under management and eyeing many other projects but the company is facing some barriers due to lack of manpower. Request is still pending at Saudi Arabian work office for visas.

The company is investing heavily in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the goal of penetrating the Saudi Hotel market establishing a complete network with the Group’s Tour Packages. With a concerted strategy managed hotels & resorts, we have succeeded in finalizing agreements to invest and manage some hotels in Makkah city.

AL-HATEEM GROUP has give hotels under its management in Saudi Arabia and has big plans for further expansion but are held back due to lack of manpower.

Complementing Group’s investment in hotel sector is the travel sector, which offers the most comprehensive services for both Inbound and Outbound travelers.

AL-HATEEM GROUP has received International recognition for environmental care and service standards.

AL_HATEEM GROUP is a vital member of the Tour Operators Association of Pakistan. The company is also a General sales Agent of different Airlines like PIA, Saudi Arabian Airlines and Emirates.

We aim to boast travel & tourism by investing in various hotels within K.S.A. Cities such as Abha, Taif, Jubail, Khumais Mushayet and offers various family packages.

The company’s full potential is yet to be met as numerous projects are under development with completions expected in near future.

AL-HATEEM GROUP’s Saudi Arabia expansion plans are threatened as a lot of projects have gone into pending due to immense lack of manpower within the country. The company has request with the ministry of tourism & the ministry of labor of Saudi Arabia.